Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Keeping Track of John

So, I've been traveling a lot for work again lately. And by a lot, I mean, I'm already far past the miles needed to be Elite on NWA (or Delta I guess) for another year.

It's sad. I don't like doing it and I hope it's done soon. But in order to try and track my whereabouts and free time (this means you mom) and to further assist in planning events/trips/vacations, I've decided to post my Google Calendar here on the blog.

I'm not very happy with the options that I've been given for posting it. You would think since both the calendar and the blog are Google products that they would inherently work together. Right? Unfortunately not. So for now, I've just slapped the calendar right at the top of the page. Everyone should be able to see my "public" events and if I'm busy with a "private" event :) I just mean, I'll hide the events like birthdays and such that I track on there....I guess I could also make a different calendar for that stuff. Oh well, one step at a time.

Oh, I realize it's been a while since I've wrote, so I'll fill everyone in on new things in my life:
  • I hired a company to fertilize my lawn. They did it the day it was like 100 degrees outside and I was in MD for work...Awesome results :(
  • I finished grad school and graduated. 3 weeks later, I got my grades. Diploma should be in the mail.
  • I shaved my beard. If you didn't know that I had a beard, then this is no surprised.
  • I have started to regrow the beard. Not because I miss it, but I promised my friend Michelle that I would have a mustache for her Nerd Weekend Party at her cabin this year.
  • I still have a number of boxes lying around the house...still packed.
  • I'm still attempting to get furniture. Actually, I haven't purchased any furniture since the leathers I bought for the basement in March, until today when I bought 3 bookcases off of craigslist: pic

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  1. I LOVE your bookshelves! We could do some real rummage sale damage together.